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Kooralbyn Facilities Q&A

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Kooralbyn Facilities Q&A

Public Question

Hi there,

I have been in Kooralbyn Valley for 7 years and have owned property here for over 20 years. Guess what? Kooralbyn is sadly lacking big time in providing for young families, teenagers & young adults. It’s time for a change, and it is becoming urgent!

In recent years we have had a surge of young families moved into the Valley and the only thing we have to offer them is Karate at the Hall.

I really struggle as I see families having to travel for work, school, extracurricular activities & play. It’s exhausting for everyone involved. It’s time for the council to inject some life into these families right here in Kooralbyn Valley.

So, tell me, how are you going to step up and make a difference?

We need

  1. Sporting facilities that scream youth and cater to younger children.
  2. Events that get teenagers hyped and engaged.
  3. Activities tailored for the little ones.
  4. Something exciting for the young adults to sink their teeth into.
  5. And let’s not forget upgrading Boomerang Lagoon Park – we’re talking equipment, walking paths, and toilets! This isn’t just for the young ones; it’s for everyone.

I would love to hear your thoughts on how you can help families here in Kooralbyn and how you will make a difference!

I will be eagerly awaiting your response.


Thank you for your passionate enquiry.

I want to express my appreciation for your advocacy on behalf of our community, particularly regarding the needs of young families in Kooralbyn. Your insights are invaluable, and I share your desire to enhance the quality of life for residents in our region.

I understand the challenges families face, especially with the recent surge in population, having previously lived that experience myself. Your concerns about the lack of facilities for young families, teenagers, and young adults are valid and deserve attention. In many places these solutions begin from within the community, with Council then playing a support role.

The Kooralbyn MTB Park is a good example. A community-led club that has grown through volunteer efforts and has been the recipient of many Council and other community grants which has helped them to invest in additional equipment. 

During my time as Mayor, we have initiated several measures to improve community facilities. The Playground upgrade strategy aimed to provide modern and engaging playgrounds within reasonable travel time for families. In fact, Kooralbyn Billabong Park was the first of these upgrades. Additionally, we are actively working on a comprehensive roadmap to address the historic shortfalls in sporting and recreational facilities across the region.

The attached media release outlines the progress we’ve made and our commitment to finding solutions. Rest assured, Kooralbyn is an integral part of this plan, and I am dedicated to following through on these initiatives and advocating for the necessary funding. I hold a view that securing a suitable footprint of land will be an important part of the solution for Kooralbyn, as a foundation for community groups to develop activations with Council.  

While I wish I could make specific commitments before the roadmap is finalised, I believe in transparent communication. We must first understand the costs and opportunities through the budgeting process. I assure you that your concerns will help guide our decisions.

Your ongoing engagement is crucial, and I encourage you to continue sharing your valuable insights as we collectively work towards a brighter future for our community.

Thank you for being an active member of our community. I look forward to collaborating with you and others who share our vision for a thriving Kooralbyn.

Best regards,

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