The quick links below are provided as a convenient way to access some of the initiatives and concepts that I’ve discussed in my podcasts and videos.

The Community Plan

This plan was initially developed following consultation with Scenic Rim residents and business operators during 2010 as a vision shared by Council and the community for the future of our region. Further community consultation in early 2018 has ensured that our Community Plan continues to reflect community needs and aspirations.

I regard the Community Plan as the collective voice of our Scenic Rim community, guiding our five year Corporate Plan and our annual Operational Plan and shaping our strategies for effective service delivery throughout the region.

Regional Prosperity Strategy

Our Regional Prosperity Strategy supports the vision shared by Council and our community for a region that enjoys a sustainable and prosperous economy, as outlined in the Scenic Rim Community Plan 2011-2026.

Our Regional Prosperity Strategy will enhance our focus on the priorities that support our existing regional business community while also ensuring we are properly prepared to welcome new contributors as part of our long-term pursuit of sustainability.

It points to the challenges faced by our region over the next two decades, with the growth of an ageing population, as well as the need to create valuable local jobs for local residents to build a more diverse, sustainable and dynamic economy.

This is an exciting time in the life of the Scenic Rim and our Regional Prosperity Strategy provides clarity to our shared vision for a sustainable and prosperous economy as we look to the future.

Triple Bottom Line

The triple bottom line is an accounting framework introduced to encourage business to focus on more than just profits. The three pillars of the Triple Bottom Line are: Economic Measures, Environmental Measures and Social Measures.

Economic measures include things like average incomes, employment distribution by industry and revenue.

Environmental measures take into account things like greenhouse gas emissions, waste generation and disposal and land use.

Finally, Social measures gauge average household income, unemployment, crime and education levels.

As stated before, the aim of Triple Bottom Line accounting is to focus on more than just profit. By adopting a balanced and practical approach, the goal is for communities and businesses to be sustainable in the long term. This can be achieved by overlapping Economic, Environmental and Social priorities where possible. I will be expanding upon this in an upcoming video.

Scenic Rim – Top Ranked Profit Hotspot!

Scenic Rim has achieved top ranking for resale profits in the Brisbane area!

In our region, 93.6% of homes sold for a gross profit, $155,000 median profit.

This is evidence that our region has become an attractive place to not only visit, but to live and invest in.

For families and businesses, moving regions is a big change and a decision not taken lightly. When the region’s leader demonstrates integrity in their conduct, competence in delivering programs and presents a clear vision for the region, it gives newcomers the confidence to make the move.

With new residents comes increased exposure to a diverse range of skills and experiences, helping to make our region stronger and more resilient in the future.